Away together

Away Together

10-year old Ayah follows her father to New Mexico after leaving the refugee camp in Pakistan where she was born and raised.

Forced to go on a camping trip organized by a local youth worker, Ayah leaves the campsite after a misunderstanding.

As she gets lost in the mountains, she connects to a memory she didn’t know she had. Somehow, as she explores this foreign place, she comes closer to finding her own story.





Sana Malik

Sana Malik

Film Exchange

Alana Mejia Gonzalez


Year of production:


Gosia Grzyb C.S.I., SKF


20 min.

Away, together
Sana A. Malik is an independent filmmaker. She has produced work for Frontline PBS, the BBC, MTV, ITV and Axios on HBO. She co-directed, produced, shot and edited the short documentary, Guanajuato Norte, a selection of the New Yorker’s Documentary channel, and winner of a BAFTA LA award. In 2019, she received the Move Mountains Filmmakers Grant and wrote and directed her forthcoming narrative short film, Away, Together.
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