Sisters 1968

Sisters 1968

Tv mini-series

Karin, a young journalist in the politically charged time of 1968, gets a job at a local paper.

Little does she know the true extent of her connections to the community.





Kristina Humle

Martina Bigert,Kristina Humle, Maria Thulin

Sveriges Television (SVT) (co-production), Anagram (co-production), Film i Skåne (co-production), Fixafilm (co-production), Ystad-Österlen Film Fond

David Grehn


Year of production:


Gosia Grzyb CSI, SKF


177 min (Entire series)

Festivals & awards

Kristallen 2019
Nominated Best Actress Mikaela Knapp

Riagalans 2019
Nominated Jury Prize Program of the year

“Systrar 1968 (Sisters 1968), a three-part miniseries commissioned by SVT, tells the story of politically minded journalist Karin who is unable to land her dream job at a big Stockholm newspaper and instead lands a job at a small-town title. Armed with her typewriter and joined by rebellious artist friend Lottie, they each rent a room at the home of newspaper owner Georg – and within days they have caused a stir in the small community that is seemingly untouched by events in Paris that same year or similar protest movements in the US.”

– Michael Pickard –

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